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Filming Day in the Life Videos in Fairfax, VA
Bert Morgan
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Lee Morgan Productions urges the various legal firms to use the talents of evidence video production to determine the evidence and facts as they are needed to have a favorable outcome in court.  

A Day in the Life Video Production

What is a "Day in the Life" video production? When people suffer after an accident and have sought legal representation and possibly a civil court trial, a client may need the evidence that their life has changed. They may suffer from the result of a physical injury, a careless act or a loss after death. An attorney or, possibly a jury for a trial, need to see how the victim/client is managing his or her life as a result. A catastrophe may have injured the person and legal representation is needed.  "Day in the Life" video production is the kind of evidence the client can use to show how that life has been changed by an actor catastrophe.  

Lee Morgan, Owner of Lee Morgan Productions, was once a Police Officer and Civil Investigator.  He has, not only the expertise of videography, he has the experience of the investigation.  Bert has also completed 6 documentaries and, is intending to produce another docudrama in 2017.  He has the ability to create drama as well as a true story and documentation to give evidence of the client's suffering with a promotional production video. In addition, Bert has experience as a trial witness, not only in criminal cases but civil trials also.

Lee Morgan is based in Fairfax, VA, and willing to travel to areas outside of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Metropolitan Washington DC.  

Evidence Gathering with Video Productions

Lee Morgan can also document cases using video production.  Usually an attorney can not be at the scene of an accident and may or may not have documentation of said accident scene. Bert Morgan has the experience to record an accurate depiction of that scene with video constructed too show the scene after it happened and to document in video the proper elements used by the court to determine a lawful conclusion of guilt in criminal cases and liability in civil matters. He can also testify in the court to the video accuracy.